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Positions needed:

opinion contributor:What makes the Times, the Times. Our Opinion page will always remain neutral, with a balanced mixture of ideologies, ideas, and healthy discourse. Opinion Contributors are free to write about any political opinion of theirs, but must uphold civility and respect for other opinions.
- Assigned minimum of ONE opinion piece every other week (suggested topics proposed, but topic is writers choice)
- Work with other contributors for joint articles, other proposals

Policy correspondent:
Correspondents are the ultimate backbone of the site. Ranging from policy analysis to party strategy, correspondents will be responsible for staying informed on real-world situations and keeping readers up-to-date.
(NOTE: Policy Correspondents are not allowed to write opinion articles because of a potential bias conflict of interest; they can transition into an Opinion Contributor, if wanted)
- Writing news articles, related to their assigned topic/policy, respectively (topics/stories will vary unless permanently assigned, if wanted)
- Communicating with the Editors on new topics and stories

Breaking news correspondent:
The first to know the biggest and immediate breaking developments. Breaking News Correspondents should be on a need-to-know basis with the surrounding political climate.
- Writes breaking news articles upon notification from self and/or Editors
- Can also choose to be Policy Correspondent, upon notification
- Coordinates with the Social Media Manager to release information regarding breaking news

social media manager:
The vast majority of our readers and contributors comes through our main source of traffic: social media. Our Instagram page, with almost 5,000 followers and counting, will have a devoted budget to advertise and advance marketing solutions to grow the Times' brand.
- Post regularly regarding news, article posts, and breaking news developments
- Reach out to accounts regarding promotion/advertisement opportunities
- Build graphic designs for posts (optional, in development) 

The National Times is dependent on its staff, the constant functionality of the site, and the day-to-day coverage of the 24-hour media cycle. Your contribution, not only as a reader and supporter of the Times, but as a future writer, manger, or editor will lead to successful growth and a greater foundation to expand our brand and base of contributors. That's why we will always have a position open for you.

Applicants should be politically and grammatically proficient, ready to write and be part of an exciting, brand new media site launch. We review all applications, regardless of any detail contingent on discrimination; high school and college students, journalism majors, and all other readers are considered. Staff writers and editors will not be required to be active on a daily basis, unless voluntarily active; however, weekly contributions are required in order to be considered a part of the Times team. 

Regardless of your position here, everybody is welcome to write and express their opinion. No position is higher or lower than the other, because the net-positive impact is still the same. The Times bases a majority of its growth on volunteer-based journalism. We rely on you. We hope you consider contributing to The National Times and we look forward to reading your application.

- The National Times Staff

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