• Andrew Fielden

Over 100 alleged Human Rights Violations Committed in Response to Floyd Death

Baton Rouge Protest July 11/Common Dreams

On August 4th, Amnesty International released a report claiming police officers have committed approximately 125 human rights violations. The report covered a 10 day period from May 26 to June 5. The violations include "at least six incidents of police using batons, and 13 instances of the use of kinetic impact projectiles such as sponge rounds and rubber bullets in 13 cities across the United States". It also found over 20 "unlawful" uses of pepper spray and 89 uses of tear gas, both of which were used as first resorts.

Interviews from protestors further confirm the violations. A legal observer, whose named has been redacted for safety reasons, recounts:

Three to four more officers who were behind me pulled me up onto a concrete barrier and threw me over onto a wheelchair ramp. I landed on my back and lost my hat. I was looking around when three or four other officers started hitting me with batons. Another protester tried to stop the police, and they started hitting him. People were yelling ‘legal observer’ as it was happening. I was crouched, trying to protect myself, and telling them, ‘I’m not resisting, I’m not resisting.’

Another protestor had to be resuscitated after being hit in the chest with a flash grenade.

Justin Mazzola, Amnesty's Deputy Director of Research, compares these riots to the riots in Ferguson from five year ago in an interview with The Hill:

Just as we saw a militarized response and the deployment of excessive amounts of chemical irritants, the indiscriminate and unnecessary use of kinetic impact projectiles and physical force against protesters in Ferguson, we have seen those same tactics used against protesters on a national scale.


Andrew Fielden is an Editor-At-Large for The National Times