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OPINION: California Further Decriminalizes Pedophilia

Kamala Harris / The Chronicle

California recently passed Senate Bill 145, which expands the existing legalization of pedophilia in the state.

Admittedly, I was unfamiliar with California’s state laws, so SB-145 opened my eyes to the evidently expanding degeneracy. Apparently, existing state law dictates that an individual as young as 14 may engage in sexual intercourse with an adult who is within ten years of him/her without it necessarily being labeled a sex crime. To give an example, a 23-year-old man may have sex with a 14-year-girl, and based on the details of the case, the judge may decide whether or not the man must register as a sex offender.

The introduction of SB-145 expands this existing law. It was proposed by openly-gay Democrat Senator Scott Wiener, who claimed the existing law “discriminates” against LGBT people. How? His argument was that the existing law did not include oral and anal sex, and therefore was an attack on homosexual lifestyle. Therefore, SB-145 expanded the existing law so that one may also engage in oral and anal sex with a 14-year-old without it necessarily be labeled a sex offender. Wiener claims this will protect the LGBT youths.

Why the hell is this happening?!

As I said at the beginning, I wasn’t even aware that such laws existed in California prior to SB-145, but how is this a step in the right direction? Having any kind of sex with a 14-year-old is pedophilia! If anything, we should be abolishing the existing law, not expanding it to include the legalization of anal sex with 14-year-olds! If Sen. Wiener actually cared about “protecting youths” then he would agree that pedophilia is criminal regardless of one’s sexual orientation.

But he does not agree. He’s an advocate for pedophilia who played the LGBT victim card by calling the existing law “homophobic”. That’s right! If you don’t support LGBT wanting to have anal sex with 14-year-olds then you’re a “homophobe”. This is the same man who in 2017, co-sponsored a bill that would no longer make it a felony to knowingly infect someone with HIV. One can now be HIV-positive and have sex with another without informing them, and even donate their infected blood, and will no longer be charged with a felony.

Now to put both of his bills into context: an HIV-positive 23-year-old can have anal sex with a 14-year-old and knowingly infect the minor with HIV, and this will be neither a felony, nor necessarily label him a sex offender. But if you don’t wear a mask you’ll be thrown in jail. This is the level of degenerative filth to which leftist policies have brought us.

In Sen. Wiener's own San Francisco district, pedophilia is nothing new, as children are already exposed to sexually explicit acts and nude men from the LGBT Pride parades. It's so normal that the city has its own Guide To Taking Kids to Gay Pride, which claims to be harmless:

We have been bringing our daughter annually since she was a baby. Yes, there is some nudity and leather but there's little to no overt sexual stuff as there is at, say, Folsom Street Fair. Kids in general aren't at all fazed by seeing nudity — after all they like to run around and play with as little on as possible, too.

So because toddlers run around naked, completely naïve to the concept of nudity, it's therefore acceptable for grown men to parade naked in the streets where children may be exposed to them. This is the absurdity and degeneracy of LGBT. And being in San Francisco, current Vice President nominee Kamala Harris has attended and supported such events.

In a moral and civilized society, exposing oneself to children should be a crime regardless of orientation, just like any kind of sex with a 14-year-old should a crime regardless of orientation. Criminality is not dependent upon the perpetrator's sexual orientation, it is dependent upon the act itself. I am appalled that such laws were ever allowed, and that such events are encouraged.


Adam LeDuc is the Executive Editor for The National Times

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