• Adam LeDuc

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is running for Senator of Massachusetts and is currently wrapping up his Truth, Freedom, & Health Tour. I attended one of his rallies and heard his speech regarding personal liberty in pursuit of one's health. Afterwards I was able to meet Dr. Shiva and have a brief discussion with him regarding the pandemic. I explained I was from The National Times which strives to be an independent news outlet. He told me he's a huge supporter of startup businesses and independent journalism and believes the First Amendment right of Freedom of the Press belongs to the people. From there he allowed me to have a brief interview:

Executive Editor Adam LeDuc: What would be your professional opinion on the handling of COVID-19 by Dr. Fauci?

Dr. Shiva: It's criminal. He has been in that organization for nearly 40+ years. He's the one who's the perpetrator of fake science. I was the only one to go after him and expose him because his entire communication, and what he's been communicating, is not based on boosting the immune system. He's basically a mouthpiece for Big Pharma and vaccine manufactures, which is to promote fear-mongering when he knows the science. Actually he knows that this is a very, very minor flu-type thing, but instead of focusing on boosting the immune system he has been part of perpetuating this fear. Which is essentially to make people accommodate to his view, which is Big Pharma's view, that we all need to be vaccinated. That's what this is all about. It's a multi-trillion dollar industry that he's the face of.

Adam: There's been some debate on children going back to school and how only children need to be vaccinated but it does not apply to the faculty and staff members of the school.

Dr. Shiva: First of all, the number of children that died from this was basically zero. And when you really look at the numbers in the numerator and denominator, it's so miniscule. Even Fauci wrote a paper in April in the New England Journal of Medicine saying this is going to be nothing less than the normal flu. If you look at Massachusetts, 98.2 percent of the people who died were people with pre-existing conditions and their average age was 82.5 whereas the average lifespan in Massachusetts is 80. This entire thing is one of the biggest fear-mongering hoaxes as I was first to tweet out in March of this year. As an MIT Ph.D. who is considered one of the leading guys in immune system, it's one of the biggest fear-mongering hoaxes intended to suppress dissent, to force mandated vaccines, and to destroy small business economies.

Adam: And final question, there's been some debate over the efficacy of the drug Hydroxychloroquine, what is your opinion on it?

Dr. Shiva: Well I'm a biologist and a systems biologist, I'm actually the guy who created the technology between model and molecular pathways, and one of the leading guys in molecular systems biology. So we took Hydroxychloroquine and we ran it through the invention that I have which is Cytosolve, and we found out Hydroxychloroquine--yes it has some side effects for people with cardiovascular disease, but if you have a good cardiologist you can watch that--but it literally cuts off the glycosylation process, which is what happens when a virus lands on the ACE2 receptor to try to get in. So it's very effective at stopping virus entry. You have to take it with Zinc because it also stops virus replication. There are four processes viruses do to take over your immune system; your cellular system. So it's very effective.

Adam: Thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it.

Dr. Shiva: Thank you.


Adam LeDuc is the Executive Editor for The National Times