• Adam LeDuc

Court Overturns Hillary's Deposition Case

Clover Chronicle

On the eve of the 2012 presidential election was the Benghazi attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists that left four Americans dead. The government’s untimely response and poor handling of the situation led many to suspect its involvement with the attack. This belief only solidified when it was discovered the Obama administration deliberately misled the public by scrubbing the CIA talking points through twelve revisions. The final report on the attacks would not be released until four years later, in the summer of 2016. This scandal has angered many Americans over the years who continue to demand justice.

Judicial Watch launched a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in 2014 into the matter. This lawsuit directly led to the discovery of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using a private server for international communications. This is in violation of federal law and jeopardizes national security.

Upon this discovery, Hillary attempted to erase 33,000 emails by utilizing the program BleachBit. She claimed all 33,000 emails were “personal”, but it was later determined half of them were actually work-related. Judicial Watch consequently filed seven separate FOIA lawsuits demanding the release of her emails.

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth would state that Hillary’s use of a private server was “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency”. On several occasions the court has been told all emails have been released, but with each new hearing, more emails and documents suddenly appear. The court has demanded explanation for the new emails regarding their origin because they were not previously disclosed. Judge Lamberth further explained:

State has not represented to the Court that the private emails of State’s former employees who corresponded with Secretary Clinton have been searched for additional Clinton emails. State has thus failed to persuade the Court that all of Secretary Clinton’s recoverable emails have been located. This is unacceptable.

This matter only worsened when Judicial Watch uncovered an additional 756 pages of Hillary’s emails that were not previously disclosed to the court. And it was later learned that the Department of Justice granted Hillary immunity during the FBI investigation. This ongoing scandal has been dragged out for several years, with the DOS/DOJ attempting to close the case at every turn despite new information continuously surfacing.

This past spring however, Hillary, not wanting to testify under oath, filed an appeal for a deposition. On May 21, the court issued an order demanding counsel for Hillary/DOS to present their argument on June 2. But the public had no knowledge of this because the media—coincidently—completely shut down on this day as it was #blackouttuesday.

Hillary lost the case and was ordered to appear in September to present a deposition. But the latest news from this ongoing eight-year scandal is the Appeals Court overturning Hillary’s case—no longer requiring her to provide a sworn deposition for explanation. The court ruled that the burden of investigation now lies on the Trump administration, despite these events occurring at the dawn of the Obama administration eight years ago.

The Benghazi attacks occurred immediately before the 2012 election. The final report was released four years later immediately before the 2016 election. And the next hearing was scheduled another four years later immediately before the 2020 election. The Benghazi-Clinton scandal has still not received the proper media attention nor justice it deserves, causing many Americans to grow increasingly frustrated.


Adam LeDuc is the Executive Editor for The National Times