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created In The Age Of COVID-19.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world seemed to begin spiraling out of control: schools closed, lockdowns began, and civil unrest became normalized. But in the digital age of a seemingly continuous divide in political media, more and more Americans sought clear-cut answers to combat the rise in biased reporting. That's where The National Times came in.

100% non-partisan

introducing a both-sides-of-the-aisle approach

by the youth, for the youth.

Our team, dedicated to bringing you up-to-speed on every pressing issue and policy, consists of more than 15 high schoolers and college students, appealing to various cross-generational demographics in a bipartisan fashion. Working constantly, behind-the-scenes, and pro-bono to make sure you're informed about the world's most pressing developments.

Meet our team, from g-zer's to millenials.

high social media engagement

We've doubled our Instagram presence to almost 5,000 followers in less than a month.

- 350% increase in followers from June-July

- 55,000-65,000 weekly impressions

rapidly-growing political platform

Our platform has seen a massive spike in website activity since our June launch date.

- 40,000 total page views in less than 2 months

- 55+ voluntary applications submitted

- $950 spent in advertising

young audiences drive success

With the rise of a youth presence on social media, we reach the youth demographic by the thousands.

- 74% of audience is age 18-35 

- 100% of The National Times staff is under 35 

always something for you

Whether it's wanting to become a part of our team or wanting to stay informed, The National Times has you covered.

- Various positions open to applicants

- Articles seen by multitudes of colleges across the U.S

- Fantastic way to gain journalistic experience, platform for professional work.